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New BC Release Scheduled for March 2013

The updates to Adobe Business Catalyst have been delivered at a reasonably acceptable rate over the past 6 - 12 months with the release of many minor changes and some significant changes by way of enhancements and new features.

Probably the biggest change we have seen is in the area of email Marketing module  with dynamic content insertion and a new in-context editing capability (Beta release only). We have been playing about with both of these and have seen massive changes in how and what we deliver in our client newsletters.

Linked closely to this has been the ability to create custom list layouts for all modules which opens the door up to far greater content delivery. No longer are we hampered by the limitations of the standard layouts for module content.

Late March is to see the release of even further advancements on the above items plus some new features and more by way of the new inventory control functionality in the eCommerce module.

Mobile websites are now becoming a key requirement for many clients and we are starting to roll out responsive template designs for some of our clients. There is an additional design overhead with these types of sites and we are looking at such designs very carefully.

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