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Should you take a Passive or Active Position on Social Media

Considerable media coverage of commentary is to house we all need to be playing in social media will B2B and B2C marketing. But how do SME businesses really deal with this in view of all the other demands on their resources?

This is a question I am hearing raised at many networking seminar events I tend as well is from our own clients. You have a private e-mail, a business e-mail, you probably have a blog, website and you have various personal and business social profiles. Just how much time do you have to spend on all of these e-mailing, posting, twittering, discussing and commenting? Let's not forget your other marketing activities. Oh and of course, we have to make some real money in the business.

The many small and even medium businesses this is all too much. Remembering that your digital marketing strategy (you do have one statue?) Has identified a number of core initiatives which should include:

  • where you will be placing content
  • what content you need to create in each medium
  • the style of the content created
  • who will be creating the content
  • how you monitor and respond to content added by others
  • how you measure the effectiveness and return on your investment
  • what you do when things go wrong

Immediately concerns around how you are going to actually do all this and pay for it arise!

There is no doubt in my mind that businesses need to have a social presence. It is just the way it is and to not do so will only work against you by way of lost opportunity.

It is my suggestion that these small businesses with limited resources do have a solution to their digital marketing requirements. I would suggest the following approach.

  1. Analyse your marketing needs and opportunities
  2. examine what level of digital marketing is performed by your competitors
  3. identify the most effective media channels for communicating with your market
  4. make a decision on which initiatives you should take an ACTIVE and which you should take a PASSIVE stance

So what do I mean by ACTIVE and PASSIVE involvement? Essentially I am suggesting that a passive involvement is one where you have a presence such as a business page in Facebook, with full details of your business that you simply are not actually doing anything in that channel stop this way you are least don't miss the opportunity that may come from such and later, subject to your marketing strategy reviews, you can take an active role.

Those media channels that you have identified as being a priority, you take an active role. We would suggest for instance that many businesses can readily set up a blog for updating fresh content on this site and sharing of knowledge and information. This would be something which you take an active role stop depending on the nature of your business, an active role in selected social media platforms may be a priority stop the different social media platforms each of the different styles of social communication to different sorts of people and market segments. Your analysis should have identified this and help you choose which, if any, suit your business type.

For some businesses the level of activity might be very low with a largely passive approach stop all is not lost however is the least you have identified those channels in which you should have a presence and you can take an active role in the future when appropriate.

At Top Left Designs, we work with small and medium businesses assisting them in developing their digital strategies and appropriate content marketing initiatives. If you would like to explore how you can derive a more effective marketing solution we invite you to give us a call or Contact Us for an obligation free discussion.

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