Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

Don't Underestimate The Power Of Branding

Discussion around the changes to Google's SEO algorithm and techniques and tactics one should be following will continue for ever and a day.

The reason is because Google will continue to make changes in order to deliver more relevant results and because most SEO is focused on the detail of what can be done. It is at this details level and we said all the changes and whilst you put all your attention into such detail you'll be constantly needing to change your approach to SEO.

As Jim Stewart of Stuart media makes reference to in his video below, the context in which your SBO should be paying attention is CONTENT. The one broad principle that has never changed in which has only become more credit critical to your SEO activities is that CONTENT IS KING.

Your SEO strategies should be based on creating good content but only after you have ensured that you have a clean sites. Whereas many SEO practitioners have focused on keywords, both short and long tail, we are suggesting that your content should be directed at building your brand.

You only have to take a look at the successes of traditional marketing that has been reflected in online marketing success. Companies market their brand and firmly establishing a brand position in the market they have seen real results.

Recently having needed some particular services and products I saw the results for myself stop firstly, surging to the type of service I was in need of was presented with a whole lot of unrelated searches or results that did not hold a whole lot of relevancy to my needs. I then remembered some brands of organisations that were related to what I needed. Surging on these files able to find exactly what I was after with far less frustration.

So how do we build our brand online? Well yes, whilst the principle is the same, the tools and techniques we employed a slightly different.

Building your online brand is all about:

  • Marketing your business and not advertising your products
  • Connecting to your target market
  • Communicating with your market
  • Clarifying who you are and what you are all shut out
  • Expanding your points of penetration

The end result you want is for people to Google your BRAND, not your product.

Landing pages are often confused with brand awareness and marketing. This is not true. They serve a very valuable and clear purpose but this is not about brand awareness. Your most effective tool is your blog. Develop a content marketing strategy for brand building can think your blog articles.

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