Search engine optimisation techniques and tips for anyone who is serious about their website. SEO is not for the feint hearted and it requires consistent application of a wide range of techniques and initiatives to be applied on a regular basis. There are a number of things that you can do to improve your website through a better understanding of what SEO is about and what is required. Through a growth in your own understanding you will be able to deliver a better web solution and improve your chances of attracting greater and better qualified leads to your website.

Harnessing the Power Of Your Brand

As SEO consultants we primarily focus on keyword research data and competitor analysis as the basis of your SEO strategy when optimising a website. This approach however fails to address optimising around your brand. We are going to explain the other opportunities that many SEO strategies overlook and that can deliver significantly towards higher ranking results in the search engines for your business.

Your Brand is What You Are Remembered For...



We have previously discussed why your brand is important to any business and as a refresher we suggest you read our article "Don't Underestimate The Power Of Branding".


Appreciating the significance of having a strong brand; understand that creating a brand is not the domain of big business with large marketing budgets. Remember, you are promoting your brand in everything you do. Every interaction or communication with your customers and your market impacts the branding message you broadcast.


Your brand is what you are remembered for and what is communicated when people refer you to someone else. Yes, they will invariably talk of the services and products you provide an even give your name. So, if a potential customer has your company or business name, a list of services or products you offer and your name and they do a Google search on any of these, which is going to produce the best results you?


Google My Business Branding Opportunities

What I told you that you can have your business name show up as a bloc advertisement list of photos, a description of your business, hours of operation, a location map and top position listing in the search results?


Where you can and this won't cost you a cent. No sponsor blends, no detailed SEO campaigns. It is not new and many who are familiar with it.


What I'm referring to has been commonly known of as Google places but as of last week (June 2014) Google has unveiled "Google myBusiness" which brings together in one single location Google places, Google class and Google branding pages through a single interface along with a range of new and powerful features.


Your old Google places listings remain however you can now combine these with your Google plus pages and provide a complete profile around your brand. With this new approach, you will looks for your Google places all your brand page first as someone types in your business may. What it presents in the top right of your search results page is your business profile and guess who also shows up in the #1 position at the top of all the organic search results?


Google My Business is the new name for this all in one branding solution. Yes it is a business directory that most importantly it is Google and they face significant importance on those pages listed within Google My Business.


Dominating Page 1 Search Results for Google

If you don't quite believe how powerful this could be, compare the results below the two searches we did. Notice the difference in results. This illustrates how you can also optimise on your brand with significant league positive results.



The first, as seen above, was for the term "photography stores"  and the second as seen below, was on the brand name of a particular photography supplier we knew of here in Brisbane, "Photo Continental". In the above results we still see our supplier "Photo Continental" listed in the Google place listings but amongst their competitors. In contrast, our second example almost fill the whole page of results with links to ur supplier along with a very prominent promotion of the business in the top right of our page.



If you're still not convinced, do a few Google searches on local brand names versus services for some businesses you know and see what you get yourself.


So how do you go about creating your brand marketing in Google My Business? We will explain this as the subject of our next article of course we can help you promote your brand, not only in Google My Business, but also the top 30 astray directories provide a new an even stronger position in for the promotion of your business brand.

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