Search engine optimisation techniques and tips for anyone who is serious about their website. SEO is not for the feint hearted and it requires consistent application of a wide range of techniques and initiatives to be applied on a regular basis. There are a number of things that you can do to improve your website through a better understanding of what SEO is about and what is required. Through a growth in your own understanding you will be able to deliver a better web solution and improve your chances of attracting greater and better qualified leads to your website.

SEO for Marketing Your Business On The Internet

As many people are now coming to accept, and as I'm sure you will agree, simply creating a website for your business is going to achieve little by way of business leads without marketing.  A digital marketing strategy defines how you can let your market know about your website, but also build your brand in the general market areas that you wish to penetrate


Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy

Typically website owners will address the more obvious marketing channels such as Facebook all LinkedIn however they will approach this in an uncoordinated manner not taking a strategic approach to address all of the key factors that need to be considered.

Your Web presence is of course going to be centred on your website.  You should be looking to create a presence in other channels and media generating interest in your products and services as well sharing information related to your business.  All of this content needs to drive it back to your website.

You of course need to ensure that your website needs core SEO requirements, many of which contribute to a better experience visitors to your site is much is enabling your site to rank the search engines what.  Critical to your ability to generate new business, which is your primary goal, is to ensure that your site clearly informs visitors what your business is out, how you provide a solution to their needs and shows them how they can engage with you commencing the sales process.

These 3 points are very important.  Your objective should be to demonstrate that you have what they want, that there should be no barriers for them to get through in order to proceed with buying goods or services.

Conversion factors in the design of your website are how you turn of visitor into a prospect or lead.

Key SEO Aspects to Pay Attention To

In looking at your site and the strength of your branding there are a  number of common aspects of weaknesses we find with many sites that contribute to the difficulty in having your site rank in the search engines around your brand and services.

Site Copy

Check that your site contains content satisfying the intent of searchers. Ensure that your page is not too large in size and not bloated with images or menus.  Google will not look at your site favourably because of this.

Page Structure

The use of header tags should be used to provide structured to your content for visitors and the search engines and not as we invariably see for controlling style presentation.  Well-structured header tags contribute positively to search engine assessment of your content.

Meta Data

In addition to the text we see when viewing a Web page, other code known as Meta tags assist the search engines says your content and is set up correctly, can positively contribute to your on page search engine ranking.

Our analysis of many sites shows us that this is an aspect commonly overlooked or poorly implemented by way of poor use of Meta tags particularly in their use with page descriptions, links and images. Also be mindful of repeated meta tag content. You should aim to make each title and description tag unique

Keyword Utilisation

Your market will be looking for your business on either:

  • Your brand.
  • Your products/services.
  • General terms related to your products and services.

Identify what the search phrases will be and incorporating these into your site content and Meta data is crucial to your ranking results in the search engines.

We have found either little or no evidence of any such keyword research and analysis having been applied to sites or people over optimising the content with keywords.

Your Business Profile – Push Your Brand

You have the ability to profile your business, thus your products and services, in various other digital media channels. The two most important and common areas regarding this are;

  • Social media e.g. Facebook, google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Business directories e.g. Google My Business, Truelocal, Yellow Pages.

You should perform a quick analysis of how well your business is represented in these channels examining the following;

  • Are your listings in business directories verified and therefore claimed by you as the owner.
  • Is all information within the directories current, and complete
  • Make sure you have a presence in social media platforms considered important for your business or industry and most particularly your market.

Other general observations to note

  • Your site should have a sitemap.xml file
  • Your site should be mobile friendly
  • Check that your site includes any relevant social media integration

These are just a few tips on what you must consider when looking to optimise your web  site  SEO covers many more detailed points and involves considerable research and analysis of not only your own site but those of your competitors. Our own internal checklist covers of almost 100 different points we look into depending on the degree of optimisation sought by our clients.

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