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Gold Coast Coworking Space Goes Fully Online

Congratulations to our client, Maylake Pty Ltd of the Gold Coast, who recently opened their new coworking shared office facility in Southport bringing a new approach to what is now developing into a significant and growing approach to office accommodation for today’s entrepreneurs and professionals.

As we were already looking after Maylake's main website, Top Left Designs were approached to see if we could provide or find, a solution that would only promote this new line of business, but would most importantly, minimise the administrative overheads for managing bookings and collecting payments from the clients. With coworking desks, professional and executive offices, meeting rooms and a boardroom to manage, this was most important.

In January this year, only five months after we were approached, we soft launched the new website for the Gold Coast Business Hub (GCBH) providing visitors the ability to book from any of the available facilities make payments online. Bookings could be made through a calendar showing them what time slots were free or they could simply enter the date and time slot they wished and the system would inform them if the facility was available and the price it would cost them. No extras and no hidden costs. Gold Coast business hub was underway and ready to accept its first clients.

It was important that members and clients realised additional benefits from being part of the GCBH. Putting together a solution that delivered more than just a booking engine was critical to clients and the owners. Gold Coast Business Hub wanted to create a business community, offering the members and clients access to business events, facilities to promote the "members" and features that encouraged internal communications.

Clients are able to take up a "membership" for office space or work desks on a longer-term basis whilst short-term bookings for Day desks, meeting rooms and the boardroom are available on an hourly basis.

Maylake had two goals that were non-negotiable; to keep the offerings simple and transparent. Top Left Design’s booking and co-working management solution provided complete flexibility in the structuring of the facilities, resources and even addon products and pricing in such a way that allowed Maylake to price their facilities and membership packages exactly as they wanted. In fact this proved most helpful as staff played with the different pricing models before settling on the final result.

As with most new users of any system, not all the features available are implemented from the outset and we are sure as GCBH get more comfortable with the system and better understand the capabilities of the many other features available, they will be looking to take advantage of these in due course of time.

We congratulate Lorraine and her team at Gold Coast Business Hub on all the hard work and patience that went into creating this exciting new coworking environment in Southport.

If you would like to know more about our co-working and shared office management solution, then contact Top Left Designs and we will be very pleased to discuss with you how you too may realise the many benefits we can deliver to for your co-working business.

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