Web Architect, Information Architecture - What is this about?

Just as when you engage an architect to design your new home, as a Web Architect we work similarly in that we incorporate the external and internal influences into the design of the finished product. In the case of your website we look at your brand and examine who your market is, how they communicate, think and feel. We consider the environment within which you operate both amongst your peers and your customers. 

We also closely examine the information that you process. What information you gather, how you gather it and what you do with it. We examine the relationship between elements of information and how these elements fit into your business processes, most particularly your online processes.

As a web and information architect, we then bring all this information together into a singly defined solution that reflect who you are, how you operate and the means by which you communicate with your stakeholders. This is the role fo a web architect - to create the environment, the context, the design of what your digital presence will be and represent.



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