Business Catalyst? I am not familiar with this. Why do you use it?

Many people ask about Adobe Business Catalyst. What is it? Why don't you use Wordpress? How many other web agencies or web developers use Business Catalyst?

Quite simply, when we commenced operations in 2008 we wanted to be able to provide a quality commercial grade product that was easily used by our clients, a CMS platform that required minimal administrative overheads by ourselves and that enabled us to deliver secure feature rich solutions from a single platform. A tall order but many years in the IT industry had taught us of what was best for us and our clients. Our own checklist reflects the reasons our clients should use BC:

  • the web development platform must be CMS based providing clients with simple content editing capabilities
  • a broad user base must exist and strong support from a stable and innovative organisation thus affording our clients access to a wide range of innovative solutions
  • the CMS platform must provide our clients with the greatest flexibility reasonably possible by way of functionality, ease of use and simple web customisation so that we could reasonably respond quickly to changing business demands at minimal cost
  • our overheads for managing support of that product were to be kept to a minimum so as to minimise support costs to the client
  • to ensure we could provide simple support infrastructure so as to again minimise overhead costs for supporting clients
  • the product must have evidence of a strong upgrade path which is imperative for us to be able to respond to the changing environment
  • the development platform should not exclude the more skilled clients from making changes to site content, structure and design should they so wish
  • we needed a solution that allowed us to make relatively comprehensive changes rapidly to clients' sites with minimal technical skills
  • a platform that delivered scalable website for business so as to accommodate the changes within the business and their market


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