Don’t be fooled by SEO big talkers, or SEO tech heads with big spreadsheets. Demand to see results. If your SEO consultant knows what he/she is doing, they should be able to show you credible results.
This is why we have aligned with My SEO Guy as we find they have the maturity to understand business and SEO.

My SEO Guy doesn't try and do anything particularly fancy as they have long realised that anyone who sets out to beat Google  in order to gain higher page rankings will simply fail to produce long term sustainable results. My SEO Guy works from the basic principals that their clients are looking for results that Google will come to recognise as being natural and confirming the credibility of the site.

One of the compelling reasons we have the faith we do in Dave Higgins is that he works from basic and proven principals of marketing first and then applies these within Google's own framework. My SEO Guy is outcome focussed and delivers strategies and initiatives backed by results. This comes form a deep understanding of Google's search algorithm and keeping abreast of the key changes as they occur.