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So Just Who is Keeping an Eye on Who

The human race now produces 28 billion gigabytes of data every day. And ninety per cent of the data currently in existence was created in just the last two years!

There are growing numbers of organisations who collect all sorts of what innocently appears to be useless depersonalised data about you, your whereabouts, your spending habits, your personal communications, your friends and much of this you are completely unaware of.

Most of the 'free' service websites such as Google and Facebook are responsible for a large proportion of this information which they then use and share for analysis and cross marketing purposes.

As alarming as this ABC 4 Corners report might be, what it shows as being even of grater concern is the lack of appropriate security measures in place on personal computing devices and of course in business. What were supposedly basic security processes around a Sydney football club's phone app were not even in existence breaching some fundamental ecommerce trading requirements. How many other websites are processing personal and financial data in an unsecured manner?

This investigation opens up many questions and should give everyone cause to consider not the direct use of data which might be collected but how this data combined with that from other sources to create a metadata repository that can reveal information that should possibly be under closer examination as to whether it should be available without your permission.

The real question is not about what use this data is being put to now but what potential exists for it being used by others in other ways in the future.

For the full transcript of this story: In Google We Trust

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