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Dogs, Cats, Rabbits or Rats – which category do your clients fall into?

We all have them and invariably we spend more time than we should attracting the wrong types of customer or client's. This analogy is not my own and I had to admit this was shared with me by client and I loved it so much I felt he deserved to be shared with a wider audience.

Essentially we sometimes attract sorts of clients that are not the ideal client to our business. One aspect of success in business is identifying your ideal client and focusing just on that. This is not to say you ignore anything other than the ideal client, just be clear however on who you want to attract.

Identifying the ideal client type of positioning your business around that type of client will ensure you attract these types more effectively. Which of the following four types to using your attracting and ask yourself is this really what you want.

Dogs: these are clients who stick with you through thick and thin. Always faithful and providing you are bare of them they are able to be relied upon.

Cats: now these clients love you and sing your praises but only as it suits them stop they are independent thinkers but do rely on you constantly giving them attention otherwise they could strain next door.

Rabbits: these people hop about feeding where there is food that really have no relationship with your business. They come, go and will over time back in the regularly.

Rats: these are the ones who are just into what they can get. Quite often they travel in packs stop they follow what is currently fashionable or best price and are not at all interested in value, quality or allegiance. These are the type of customer who is buying on price.

So which category are your customers falling into? What is the mix in your customer database? We all have dogs, cats, rabbits and rats but the mix is what is important and how that aligned with your business positioning. There is nothing wrong with servicing rats – many businesses specifically target dates stop just be sure that your customer mix is consistent with your business positioning.

We wish to thank Sharon of Studio 2 Beauty and Laser Clinic for sharing this with us. Top Left Designs is a web development agency to assist businesses in creating their online business and digital marketing solutions. We quite simply create practical online business solutions that work based on realistic strategies, design and a pragmatic integration of technologies into your business.

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