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For Pete’s sake… let me know what you can do for me

How often have you visited a website for a company or product only to find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what these people can do to help you?

I observe tens or hundreds of websites each week. I review and analyse some of these as part of our own efforts to improve on the work we do. I never cease to be surprised at how little real information so many of these websites fail to share so as to let me know what they can do for me.

A big tip… "It's all about me (the customer)... Not you!

Marketing your business is all about the customer or client, not you. Their immediate need is how you are going to solve their problems or help them overcome the challenge they have. It is not about you, your company or your products. That comes later. Right now, this potential customer has landed on your website presenting you with an opportunity. Invariably, this person made a deliberate decision to visit your website in order to find a solution to their problem. You have seven seconds to stimulate their interest enough to want them to find more information or take some form of action.

As a consumer, I am not interested in the fact that you are the world's largest widget supplier, I don't much care at present which charities you support and I certainly am not interested in how efficient your supply processes are. What I want to know is, will this “widget thing” solve the problem I have.

If you can articulate clearly and simply how the widget has been able to solve my problem then Wham Bam… You have stimulated my interest and I will now look more closely at what else you have to say about your widgets and then probably about you and your company.

What I have found most surprising is the number of times I view websites put together by marketing, most particularly advertising, agencies where they seem to have lost sight of this important point altogether. For whatever reason, they are very good at telling you about themselves, their people and their list of prestige clients but somehow overlook explaining how they might help their potential clients.

What this all comes back to is, your branding. As we have other posts in our blog particularly discussing the subject of branding, I won't bore you by repeating the details here however, I suggest you refer to the related articles listed at the end of this post.

It is paramount that you complete a branding process before you create your website. Your brand is all about you in terms that appeal to your different target markets. It defines how you will communicate and what it is you have to say to each of your target markets stop with your branding establish it is an important to incorporate this into your website.

By appreciating my position as a potential customer, putting yourself in my shoes, you will understand and better communicate how you can answer my needs. If your website communicates this to me then you will have a chance. Failure to do so will lose me to the next option in my list of sites to visit and I will give little or no thought to coming back to your site again.

If you would like assistance with your own website or branding, we are keen to talk to you about your options and how we can help you so please contact me personally on (07) 5526 4014 or send me a message via our contact form.


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