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Throughout Business Catalyst or whatever Content Management System you may be using, you are occasionally required to do a bit of tricky formatting. HTML code is your only solution but you just don't have a clue. There are also those times where HTML is your only solution, an example being our 'Ad Rotator' module which allows you to randomly display a graphic or HTML code in your page.

What can you do...? Well we have found a neat little online utility that enables those with NO HTML knowledge the ability to enter simple text, define the format you want applied and presto, this tool will create the HTML code you need to insert and even show you what it will look like. The tool is called TinyMce -

Now please note... this is NOT a replacement to HTML coding and is a SIMPLE formatting tool. It offers limited formatting capabilities however these will suffice for most of what you need. 

If you need to edit a fair amount of text or need to apply lots of formatting to different areas then maybe you should just go and use the usual editor. For those of you using Business Catalyst this is easy as just with most CMS platforms, we provide a WYSIWYG editor to enable you to enter your plain text and format as you would with your word processor. For Business Catalyst users, we also provide the ability to view / edit the HTML code directly as well so you can cut and paste as you need.

Where can this be most useful? Creating Product Catalogue descriptions with formatting can be achieved by placing the raw HTML code into the description field. Unlike everywhere else this is one of the few description field that does not provide a WYSIWYG editing capability. The other place is as mentioned , setting up your Ad Rotators

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