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New BC Release offer new Customer Support Interface

This week Adobe release the new Open Platform for partners that brings a whole host of web development tools and opportunities to the development partners  that will enable us to further refine the type of online web solutions we put together for our business clients. For our clients the value of this new release will largely appear transparent even though the solutions will incorporate a growing number of these features as we all come to know them better.

A significant but very much under the radar change has been in the support services - most particularly the new interface making it easier for anyone seeking any information as either an end user or as a web developer interested in becoming a BC Partner. The support page now provides clear navigation to exactly what it is you might be looking for for .

Another distinct improvement is in the User Manaual - this has in fact been completely updated and the structure of its content fully revised and reorganised making it again easier to find what you need but also the manual now includes the updated references to using the new features that have been introduced over thr past 12 months.

No matter what level you are at, everyone from development partners through to end users maintaining their own site content with minor website updates or development activities will find the new resources invaluable.


Overview of the Business Catalyst help areas that you can access

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