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Situation: You have received an order that can not be fulfilled and needs to be placed on back order.

In the case of processing your online shop order offline (i.e. your credit card payments are not processed online but you do so offline) you will want to manage the status of orders that can not be fulfilled. There are two means available to you.

  1. You may go directly to this customer's order and then EDIT the order to change the status as required. One of the pres-set status codes is 'On Back Order'.


  1. List all orders from the CUSTOMERS / ORDERS menu options. Select the order(s) you wish to set the status for and then using the ACTION link place your cursor over the options available selecting 'Order Status' and then finally select 'On Back Order'

Select this option which will then flag the order in subsequent reporting to assist you with follow up using the Customer Reporting options report 'Customer Orders'

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