A collection of useful tips to improve how you use Business Catalyst solution in your business.

In developing your email campaign it is important to take note of a few key aspects when structuring the content of your email. Without suggesting what sort specific content you should include I offer the following tips:

  • Always include the Unsubscribe link – you are required to provide this for all emails in accordance with the Anti Spam Act. You have the ‘taginsert’ option when editing your email for just this purpose which will automatically insert the code to manage your unsubscribes.
  • Make your newsletter personal if possible - In the beginning of your email always use the salutation that includes your subscriber’s first name which also can be automatically insert using the ‘tageinsert’ facility.
  • You must show your physical address and the name of the person from whom the email has been sent as this also is a requirement of the Anti Spam Act.
  • Let your readers share the good news – Somewhere prominent place a tag enabling the reader to share your newsletter with a friend. Again the ‘taginsert’ facility will set this up for you
  • Make your content interesting and relevant to your audience. Do not push product or make it a real sales pitch. Announcing a special event such as a clearance sale or opening a new store is fine but do not keep pumping out sales letters all the time otherwise you will lose your subscribers very quickly.
  • Minimise the use of graphics as these can lead to your email being caught by spam detectors and being mistaken as spam.
  • Don’t give away the whole story – Give an introduction to the story with a link to the page on your web site that has the whole story. You want them to visit your web site from where you can do the sales pitch and induce them to take some form of action.
  • Include links to you web site – Always have at least a link to your home page and make it prominent. Make it easy to find out more information about your web site and your products / services.

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