A collection of useful tips to improve how you use Business Catalyst solution in your business.

Tip: Capturing Screen shots

Not for everyone but this is a very useful tool for anyone wishing to capture good quality screen images and then make notations to be shared.

I extensively use a browser add on called FIRESHOT which is available as either a free or licensed product.   The free version is all most of you need and has all the functionality to make this a useful tool for whatever browser you have.

I find it useful as a communication tool because I can take a shot of a whole or part web page and mark changes on problems and then send the image with notations to clients and developers.

This is by far a more effective communication tool than trying to explain visual changes in writing.

All images are good quality and there are certain edit functions included.

For more information visit https://getfireshot.com/ from where you will be able to find the download version for your particular browser.

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