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This is not an uncommon mistake. You have made changes to your Business Catalyst Web Form saved them and the page that displays the form does not reflect the change you saved.

This can arise in any of the following situations:

  1. You have a customised form layout
  2. The form code is inserted directly as HTML into your web page rather than using {module_web form,…}

In the first instance you must remember that if you add fields or change existing definitions in any way using the web form builder and you have a customised form, then the changes in the web builder are NOT automatically inserted into your customised layout. You have 2 choices depending on the degree of changes you made.

a) RESET the form which will recreate the form with all fields – you will however lose all layouts already defined so be wary.

b) Manually insert the code for the additional field(s) or changes you made by directly editing the HTML for the customised form

In the case where you have manually inserted the form code into your page, you must copy the form’s HTML code and then paste this into your page. If it is not customised then choose the Action Box item <> Get Web Form HTML Code otherwise if you have a customised layout, copy the HTML for the customised form layout and paste this into your page.

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