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Alto Vista DIY Glass Pool Fencing -
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Acceptance Testing Last update: 10-Dec-2009
 Client Domain
 BC Hosting Live
 Domain Name Registrar
 DNS Transferred
 Name of Payment Gateway
 Gateway Account Setup Complete
 PayPal Installed & Complete
 Email Accounts Set Up
 User Roles Defined
 Workflows Set Up
 Test Account for eComm in place
 eComm Sales Trans'ns Completed
 Posting to payment Gateways OK
 {tag_payment gateways & tranactions posting working}
 GMail Account Set Up
 Password on GMail Account
Google Analytics Account set up  
GA Code inserted into site templates  
Site META TAGS defined  
Meta Tags assigned to key landing pages  
Search Engine sitemap.xml created (BC ADMIN)  
Site included in Web Master Tools Profiles  
User Acceptance Received and Approved  
Payment Gateways Assigned to LIVE A/c's  
GO LIVE Advice sent to client