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Acceptance Testing Last update: 09-Dec-2009
 Client Domain
 BC Hosting Live
 Domain Name Registrar
 DNS Transferred
 Name of Payment Gateway
 Gateway Account Setup Complete
 PayPal Installed & Complete
 Email Accounts Set Up
 User Roles Defined
 Workflows Set Up
 Test Account for eComm in place
 eComm Sales Trans'ns Completed
 Posting to payment Gateways OK
 {tag_payment gateways & tranactions posting working}
 GMail Account Set Up
 Password on GMail Account
Google Analytics Account set up  0
GA Code inserted into site templates  0
Site META TAGS defined  0
Meta Tags assigned to key landing pages  0
Search Engine sitemap.xml created (BC ADMIN)  0
Site included in Web Master Tools Profiles  0
User Acceptance Received and Approved  
Payment Gateways Assigned to LIVE A/c's  0
GO LIVE Advice sent to client