Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

Are Social Media Experts really all they Make themselves out to be?

Some may consider the comment by Gary Vaynerchuk as a bit extreme when he made the statement "99.5% of social media experts are clowns" but it does, as Sonia Simone in her article "Are Social Media Experts Worthless?" suggest, if this is true then what are the other 0.5% doing that entitles them to be an expert and what are they doing?

Personally I would not necessarily agree with 99.5% and maybe choose an alternative label to clown (after all a clown should make you laugh...) however, the topic itself does reflect the nature of questions being raised in many quarters about so called social media experts. To simply be a power Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter user does NOT, in my book, entitle you to make the claim of being an expert. I will say right here and now, I also do NOT consider myself to be a social media expert - far from it and when it comes to the intricacies of social media I  bow to the expertise of a wide range of different sources and the advice a chosen few.

We can't all be Experts

As was the case years ago when I was a Business Coach and again today working with the Internet, such terms or labels as Business Coach, Internet Expert or Social Media Expert are all too broad, they are difficult to measure and are to the wider market considered more often than not, meaningless. How can anyone be an expert on areas that cover so much? You simply can't.

What you can be however is well educated and have solid practical experience within in these areas and provide good consulting advice. You may find a particular niche and possible become an expert in that niche. These in my view, are the types of people you need to look for.

It is easy to find a lot of people who know a lot about everything that everyone else knows but little about what is really useful to your specific needs. The internet makes this general information freely available and if you have the time and the interest you can discover most of this for yourself. How you disseminate this information and your ability to apply this to your needs will vary from one person th to the next. I can read all about building a car engine. Does this mean I can do it? Not always. For me no - for other people yes they could go and do it.

How to get the best ROI on Social Media

In business and particularly in relation to Digital Marketing, we need to understand that there are tools and skills we need to varying degrees. Social Media is but one of those tools in your arsenal of Digital Marketing initiatives.  In order to get any real value from the use of Social Media "experts" be sure to check their credibility. Do they understand marketing in teh true sense? Do they understand your business? lastly do they really understand Social Media in the true sense applying it to real B2C or B2B situations?

Sonia provides some great advice in her article but what I will borrow from her is the following advice in looking for those who do fit into the 0.5% bracket...

In order to really be of value to businesses as social media experts we must; 

  • Understand content marketing. Social media friendliness is great, but content scales, and it doesn’t depend on any one particular platform.
  • Understand direct response copywriting … in other words, writing that triggers a specific, well-defined action. Know how to write a great headline, how to make a call to action, what a landing page is, how to translate features into benefits. Learn what it takes to turn fans into customers.
  • Be specific about your tool kit. Yes, you may initially approach your clients with the title of social media expert, but you’ll quickly educate them about your own specific areas of expertise.
  • Partner with complementary experts. If you’re a Facebook and Twitter ninja, connect with a brilliant landing page and SEO copywriter, and maybe a smart PR pro who knows what a crisis plan looks like. You don’t have to know how to do it all, but you should be able to make it easy for your client to get everything they need.
  • And to that point, Know what your clients need. Fortune 500s, mom-and-pops, VC-fueled startups, and small service businesses all have different needs, and they speak different languages. Read the business blogs or magazines your clients read. Become an expert in how your clients do business. Learn what they desperately want, and give it to them.
If you are interested in understanding how social media MAY be of value to your business or you like to discuss your own Digital Marketing strategies with us, please Contact Us and we will happily talk to you about various options and what we would suggest. We can provide professional copywriting and digital marketing services to clients packaged to suit individual circumstances.

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