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Confused about Google Brand and Local pages?

Having gone through this nightmare ourselves we are reasonably versed on what you have to do t get your Google+ pages in order.

The problem stem from having created a “Brand” page on Google+ some time ago and since then additionally creating a new Google “Local” page however because you created the brand page originally this is the one that has all your posts and followers. The trouble is, the brand page does not show up in Google search results featuring your business or in Google Maps when searching for your business name or services in a location.

There is a solution that enables you to bring the 2 pages together maintaining your original brand page and essentially converting this to a local page replacing your previous local page.

The process does however require your original local page to be verified before you follow the steps outlined in this article “Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages

How do you tell if your page is a brand page?

Well it is not immediately obvious however once you know what to look for in your Google+ page it is easy to tell what sort of page you have in place. To identify a “brand” page look for the following obvious differences:

  • No address or phone numbers are displayed in cover image section
  • About page does not include map in Contact Information
  • About Us page shows people following the page

Below are 2 screen shots of the Google+ page firstly as a “brand” page and then after that page has been converted to a Google+ Local page.

Completing the Conversion

Once you follow the process as described in the article “Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages” you will end up with the page shown below and you can then delete your old local page which will be renamed to “Backup of…”.

A point to also note is that after the translation process is finished your new local page will show as needing to be verified. If your website URL is registered in Web Master Tools, simply click on the VERIFY link and it will be immediately verified without needing to have a special verification code sent out to you.



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