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How often should you post Facebook?

Ever get hit with a stream of FB posts from an individual? Or are you one of the millions who is supposed to be FB page once every now and again in the vain hope of promoting interest?

Well it is now shown that after about three hours your forgotten flash in the pan. In a report compiled by Facebook page analytics company "Edge Rank Checker", they have identified that the average post lifetime is three hours 7 min. How do they come at this magic number? Each post has a "lifetime" derived as being that time span where the level of growth in engagement with that post is less than 10% of the largest growth of engagement as measured hourly.


Now this will of course vary depending on your overall level of solace, the topic of your post and your general activity in Facebook that we now know that if you want to gain maximum effectiveness - post no more than every three hours per day. People have short memories, well social networking has an even shorter time span. Keep this in mind when developing your social marketing campaign's.

You need to deliver meaningful and relevant posts firstly. You need to deliver them in a timely manner and lastly you need to keep reminding people it's important. My advice is, if you need to keep reminding people through social networks, rephrase the title and content of your post. But earlier content may not have grab their attention. Do not keep sending the same post every three hours! You will find that you lose followers.

Remember, you are posting to provide useful information you wish to share. It should be relevant to your followers, meaningful and most importantly authentic. Yu must not however leave it at that. Yu must engage with your audience. If someone posts a reply or comment - then respond with meaningful content. Facebook pays greater attention to the level of engagement you have than the number of "likes". Get that "talking about this " number up!

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