Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

Is link building really taboo?

Have you noticed how any references to  "Link-building" sound like a slur now and that this has much become a taboo practice?

A service loved and used by all, and in fact still heavily promoted by many to the naive, is now being discarded and and in light of Panda and Penguin changes at Google, more a taboo practice than something that adds value.

Anyone marketing an online business knows (well you should and if not you do now.) by now that cheap link-building is not only dead but also simply a waste of your money, time and effort. It's been slandered the world over, and is considered offensive in every sense of the word and I might add, not before time.

Yes, it was one of those things we all indulged in. It was like collecting shells on the beach, hoping you had more than the competitor next door. At the time it served its purpose and actually improved rankings but the inevitable was bound to come and it did by way of Panda/Penguin updates at Google that saw this practice exactly for what it was - link farming and not adding true value.

So what if you did indulge in any of the distasteful link-building practices in the years leading up to 2012? Well hopefully you have cleansed up your online presence by now and are resolved to do the right thing in 2013.

And what, you may ask does that constitute?

Link-building, after all, should be one of those bad practice habits you should drop and replace with current best SEO practices should it not?

Alright then... let's take a quick look at the right things you should be doing certainly in 2013 for ensuring the best SEO results for your website.

So here is where you can start by way of the right things to do as against cheap and bad practice, low-cost link-building.

  • Identify and understand keywords that suit your business the most, and target them in everything "marketing" that you do
  • Get good content written by good writers, and edited by a brilliant editor
  • Get endorsements from unique content, and unique content ONLY
  • Make sure this content piece is written specially aligned with your industry
  • Make sure there are minimum links going OUT from this content page - avoid content that show hundreds of links from the same page
  • See if you can get a link out from an appropriate "anchor" which is meaningful - vary the anchor text you use
  • Make sure you get these content pieces from sites residing on unique C-Class IPs
  • Make sure the content piece is relevant, interesting and adds value for the reader
  • Get a variety of content pieces, covering a range of perspectives - mix and match the sources you use
  • Use a variety of keywords, including long-tail keywords for content marketing - generally 3 to 5 per page you are optimising on
  • Make sure the content piece links out to the relevant landing page on your website
  • Don't overdo the content links, get as many as appear natural
  • Get your marketing pieces good exposure in social media, promote them well
  • Add content pieces linking to your site slowly, to keep it natural
  • Be patient with this marketing strategy, you will see results slowly but surely

Steps towards building a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Cull out 1000's of long-tail keywords that suit your business
  • Align these to your landing pages
  • Check current rankings for these keywords
  • Check whether the landing pages are optimized for the relevant keyword
  • Define the number of content pieces you need for each keyword
  • Build content pieces with a link to the aligned landing page
  • Promote the content page built with the link out
  • Repeat each month

Interested to know more about SEO best practices and how well your site is aligned to these? If you would like us to assist you with yur digital marketing strategy and SEO please contact us for an obligation free discussion and analysis.

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