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What is a long tail keyword

If you haven't been absent from the search engines you will have noticed that those single or double word search terms in the search engines invariably turn up everything but what you want to find. What are people doing instead?

People are now typing in longer phrases when they are doing a web search! People are now finding that this sort of searching is a more natural way of searching for something and as a result get a better quality result. They are also hoping to find an exact match through this style of search - this phrase is what we call a long-tail key phrase. Generally these types of search phrases go largely unnoticed by web owners trying to improve their rankings.

Don't be fooled however into believing this is a sure fired simple solution to all your SEO problems. Finding the right long-tail keywords is a time-consuming task, and requires a fair amount of analytical skill. Just imagine the effort involved in sorting out hundreds, if not thousands, of long-tail keywords, which may have low search counts, but they're being searched every single day! Of note however, if you have a comprehensive list of long-tail keywords, and you start targeting them through SEO methods, you will  find an increase in the traffic on your website.

Evidence strongly supports the notion that there is considerable value in searching with long-tail keywords, instead of popular keywords. One of the reasons is that a user searching a long-tail keyword is closer to the purchase point, than the user searching a popular keywords.

Why not explore the power that long-tail keywords can bring you? We'd be happy to create a sample set of long-tail keywords for your industry. You'll be surprised to discover how fast your company will be ranking using long-tail keywords.

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