By delivering web solutions from our CMS platforms we empower our clients enabling them to easily maintain and enhance their own websites and minimising their Total Cost of Ownership.

Mobile Compatible Websites

There is no doubt about the impact mobile devices have had on web design. It is not just whether you can view your website on an iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet device, it is about how well you communicate with your audience on those devices. Traditional websites invariably can't be read on these devices without constant zooming in and out and for many sites, much of the existing functionality (such as flash and hover functionality) simply don't work.

A new approach in web design for mobile devices is required that is driven by the differing communication style of mobile users. The manner in which people browse, search and absorb mobile content is different to desktop websites and necessitates a completely different user interface.

After considering your current site, your needs and your market we evaluate the most effective solution for transitioning your site to a mobile friendly platform. All our mobile websites utilise our CMS platforms this ensuring ease of maintenance and reducing cost of implemenation. We offer two alternative approaches to delivering mobile web solutions selecting the one that bet suits your needs and budget. Both approaches offer a seamless presentation of your site on any mobile device automatically detected within your mobile browser.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites are the most effective solution to making your website mobile and tablet friendly across all devices.

A responsive website design is coded to adapt to different size screens that your visitors will be viewing your website on. In designing your responsive website we also consider what elements need to be changed or even removed from display in different mobile devices. As a design technique, Responsive Web Design is fairly new to the market and it offers a great way to make your website mobile friendly, without having to create separate mobile websites. It is also a great future proof solution, as no matter what screen size comes on the market next your website will adapt.

Responsive websites are a great all-in-one solution for your website and offer the most comprehensive solution for future proofing the delivery of your site on all mobile devices

Mobile Specific Web Content

An alternative that is a cost effective solution to existing website owners is to present "cut-down" version of your desktop site with mobile specific pages. In many businesses this proves to not only be a more cost effective solution but also meets the needs of your market very capably without the overhead of a complete redesign of your total site using responsive web layouts.

We create a mobile version of your templates within our CMS that are automatically detected by the device and selected menus present the page content you wish to only show on your mobile site. This is most appropriate where your site can convey the important information that your market is looking for by way of their mobile device, particularly on iPhones where there is a lesser demand to read vast amounts f information - your customers are simply after quick summary of the key details and ready access to your contact details and location.

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