Lyndons Hardware

Lyndons is Australia's largest supplier of concrete equipment, tools, machinery and materials to the concreting industry. Established in the 1930's in Qld, the company had never really made any use of web technology and had decided to launch a web site that would allow them to set up its 8th sales outlet, a virtual store with the aim to have over 7,000 products listed online for sale.

This is the first stage of placing several thousand leading concreter products online for ready access by builders. Considerable challenges were faced by all concerned with collecting and collation of the data and images and then how to present the information from such a wide array of products in a way that made the buying decision for visitors easier. At present we have loaded 700 different products that include machinery, parts, tools and accessories.

  • Published at: 26-Mar-2010
  • Industry: Retail suppliers
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