Lyndons Masonry

Lyndons has a long established market position as the supplier fo all hardware and building construction materials and machinery for the concrete industry throughout Queensland.

The business owners however. wanted to make a stronger push into new market areas with a key product group being their range of concrete blocks and sleepers. We were asked to provide a website that would not be confused with the Lyndons main website yet still carried the LYNDONS brand. The other thing that the Brisbane management team wanted to do was to make the site easy for visitors to view the range fo different block styles and designs as part of their selection process in this very popular group of home improvement and landscaping products.

  • Published at: 21-Aug-2014
  • Industry: Retail suppliers
  • Overview:

    Lyndons sought a dedicated site to specifically promote its range of concrete building blocks and sleepers outside of its other more general concrete construction and hardware site. This site was also being pitched to a wider audience with the purpose of additionally attracting home DIY landscape gardeners and builders particularly, but not exclusively, in the Brisbane and SE Qld region.