WebCert Project Cost Management System

We were approached to review an exiting prototype system that had been developed to serve a particular project with the view to commercialising this product. Upon reviewing the existing system Top Left Designs proposed that the basic constructs and logic of the system were sound however the product was in no way suitable for release as a commercial product. The system lacked any reasonable user interface, did not conform with industry standards and lacked a number of fucntional features that were being sought by the current users.

With this in mind we were commissioned to define the requirements and functional specifications for the new system and seek expressions of interest form developers. We are now proud to say that this significant project is signed up and willbe developed in a perod of under 3 months by a team put together that includes project managers, designers, Php developers, database designers, civil engineers and quantity surveyors.

  • Published at: 30-Sep-2010
  • Industry: COnstruction - Project Management
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