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By clicking on the button you will be presented with a simple wizard for requesting the SEO audit report, that will provide valuable insight into the more important aspects of your website and how effectively your site performs in each area.

You will be asked for:
  • your website url
  • the location of the business
  • 2 primary keyword search terms

You will receive a personal report by way of a PDF file. This will be emailed to you reporting on
  • Overall SEO performance score reporting on successful SEO factors, errors and warnings
  • Comparison of how you compare to the best performing competitors for your search terms
  • Traffic patterns and ranking on a global scale
  • Popularity on Social Media examining key social performance metrics
  • Quality of ranking and pages indexed by Google
  • Analysis of how well your site performs on mobile devices
  • Details of the key technical issues which may be negatively impacting your site's ranking capabilities
  • How you rank in the leading search engines
  • How well your site complies with Google best practices