Content Marketing is a set of initiatives used to offer value to visitors to your site by way of promoting your business brand, influencing market buying behaviour and driving overall business growth.

The key to content marketing is finding the right mix of inbound and outbound initiatives that best align with your target market segments in ways that achieve cost-effective growth delivering against your business objectives. Content marketing works to establish your credibility and endear trust from your customers - 2 essential aspects for any website.

Integrating Your Content Marketing

It is essential for small and medium businesses to make the most effective use of limited resources and available market budgets. You should at all times look to implementing strategies that compliment each other providing maximum leverage off other initiatives. For instance you could run a print media advertisement that makes use of QR codes to drive readers to a specific page in your website featuring a video or detailed information about your special offer or that product.

At all times we look to gaining maximum leverage off any marketing initiative when putting together a content marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Whilst not the only distinction, one of the main differences between inbound and outbound marketing is that inbound marketing focuses on selling by building relationships and helping prospects find you, and outbound marketing focuses on selling by more traditional "push" sales strategies. The internet has delivered many new and often far cheaper means by which you can achieve both of these marketing techniques. Each has a role to play and with careful planning they can each be effective.

Whether you use outbound marketing, inbound marketing or a combination of both, it is important to note that it takes time, experience and skill to master.

Top Left Designs will work with you in defining the most appropriate content marketing strategies based on resources and budgets available. All our solutions include many of the tools you need to deliver your content marketing already integrated within our solutions ready for immediate use. The following are just some of the key aspects of inbound and outbound marketing techniques which we provide to our clients under our content marketing services.

Inbound Marketing

  • Copywriting services for web content, blogs, social media, Newsletters
  • Social Media profile design, marketing fan page gateways, videos
  • Online surveys
  • Discussion Forums
  • SEO to optimise search engine ranking of key pages in your site through organic search techniques

Outbound Marketing

  • Email marketing for distribution of Newsletters, loyalty campaigns and promotions
  • Event marketing with online registration and bookings for seminars, webinars
  • Integration of technologies such as QR codes with your non-digital marketing to enhance the marketing effectiveness by utilising both forms of marketing
  • Digital advertising campaigns through sponsored advertisements with Google, Social media and banner ads