By integrating online booking, billing, payments, plan management, and calendaring within one modernized, cloud-based solution, workspace management software can make a complex task like managing a coworking office a seamless experience from booking to billing.


Top left Designs were commissioned to find a suitable platform for one its clients, Gold Coast Business Hub, to enable them to promote and manage their new Coworking and Business environment. After considerable research and evaluation of different choices we chos the Nexudus platform and since then are now supporting other coworking space managers in implementing this platform.

Nexudus is a feature rich management tool that offers nearly unlimited possibilities for various scenarios. Nexudus has features for nearly every situation a coworking space will encounter. In our opinion drawing on both hands on experience and research we conducted, Nexudus is the most comprehensive and expansive tool on the market. However, this comes with a lot of complexity at times simply because the package is so comprehensive catering to your every need. There simply are so many features and, while most of them are intuitive, drawing on experienced support will save you a lot of hardship and frustration and certainly expedite how to best setup your coworking office management platform.

Whilst the admin interface might feel a bit outdated to some, this in itself can make it easy to navigate with the assistance of a lot of tool tips and captions on various buttons, which explain things that might otherwise be confusing.

Nexudus also has vast integration capabilities. You can connect with just about anything you can think of and they are constantly adding new features.

Nexudus is a complete coworking space management system that includes:

  • Managing memberships
  • Different payment options – various online payment gateways, invoicing, direct debit, cheque
  • Long and short term office and desk bookings
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Event bookings and promotion
  • newsletters
  • a powerful CRM (which it calls an MRM = member relationships management) to help you keep track of contacts and leads
  • Supports different pricing structures and renewal intervals
  • Community building through a ‘Member’ directory for members to communicate their profile, product, and services
  • Managing your email account with each and every email from and to the members properly recorded for easy retrieval
  • Network Integration providing automatic check-in of members and visitors knowing when and for how long they are in the space and automatically invoice different services

We make it easy, flexible and streamlined.

Our co-working space management solution helps you set up your location, invite new members/renters to join, manage your member base, keep track of members, communicate with them quickly and easily and manage invoices and payments across multiple locations, all from one simple interface.

Our space management software helps you manage different groups of members across the building and across locations. Once you set up your co-working space, you will need a sophisticated space management system that creates membership tiers, tracks shared resources and ensures you get paid. Our cworking office management platform addresses all of these and much more.