“Search Engine Optimisation is the application of proven and acceptable techniques for maximising your ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when people search on selected terms relating to your website”


Your ability to realise success for your website is initially all about your ability to attract qualified visitor traffic to your website by way of the leading search engines. This is not something that occurs on its own and it also requires constant attention in order that you maintain or improve on the rankings your site content has.

SEO is an involved process that seeks to focus on a mix of search terms around which you optimise specific pages within your site. It should be clearly understood – your ranking is for a specific search term or phrase and it is an individual page that receives that ranking. You don’t just have a whole website ranked.

SEO involves a wide range of different SEO initiatives that rely on certain code and text being in place throughout your site and being directed at particular pages within your site. With our websites, we give prominence to the core SEO activities that will deliver safe and proven results. We do not pursue any “black hat” techniques and aim to only make use of those techniques which are the basis of all good SEO practices irrespective of changes in search engine ranking algorithms.

We assess search engines, keyword phrases, emerging search engine optimisation strategies and landing page combinations for conversion and cost per acquisition goals. SEO Marketing is a continuous process and is more of a science than other traditional marketing practice. Your SEO campaign requires constant monitoring, adjustment to strategies through amended and adapted initiatives. These all depend on the keyword phrases people are searching for. We analyse the keywords that are bringing in the highest quality traffic with the least competition and amend our search engine optimisation campaign accordingly.

Description of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is simply about getting your website noticed. It is not about conversion – it is simply about getting traffic. Good SEO gets the right traffic – qualified visitors who have a higher likelihood of wanting to purchase your products or services. Your ability to convert those visitors to business opportunities is where our graphic and web designs skills are employed.

Contrary to what impressions you may have, SEO is not about optimising every page in your site. This is costly and impractical for most businesses. What we do however is identify key landing pages – areas of focus of attention – that we optimise for different keywords.

SEO Methods

Key to good SEO is ensuring both your on-page and off-page ranking factors are addressed. We look at improving the ranking of pages through their content and reputation.

The benchmark for SEO is the keyword performance – how many impressions result and what percentage of those listings result in clicks through to your website. Depending on the popularity of your current website and the terms on which you want to attract traffic, we develop an SEO campaign strategy following an evaluation of your overall web presence. We take the time to explain the logic for actions suggested or taken educating you on the reasoning behind our proposals.


Our methods are well structured and tested. Our approach to SEO defines and meets our clients’ needs in the following ways:

  • Offer site promotion during web design and development phase.
  • Modify the existing websites and market your sites in better and newer ways.
  • Promote product and business through product feeds
  • Writing effective content and building links.

To help you understand where your site currently stands we offer SEO Audit Reviews to examine the key SEO tactics available as applied to your web pages. Understanding how well your current content is optimised is the first step you must take in order to optimise your site.