Through clearly defined social marketing initiatives aligned to the broader marketing strategies, we provide effective digital marketing solution for business owners.

Social Media is a Marketing Tool NOT a Solution

Businesses develop marketing strategies to define how the business communicates to its market the role of the business and how it serves its market. Traditional marketing relied on media channels that offered little in the way of detailed performance results. Communication channels tended to have long lead times in obtaining results.

Social media has changed all that and is now considered to be an essential tool in most business' marketing toolkit. The use of Social Media in a business sense raises new challenges and with the ever increasing changes in how it operates and is delivered, businesses find it more and more difficult to gain a true grasp of how they can best utilise this media channel.

The use of social media is not about having something to say, it is about how you say what needs to be said in a natural and social style yet still working within the context of a business environment. The idea that if I build it they will follow me simply does not work. If you are going to create a serious following on any social media platform you will need to devise a plan on how you will achieve this and be prepared to adjust that plan.

Developing a Winning Social Marketing Strategy

Avoiding time wasted on social media getting no recognition for you effort is generally attributed to following the wrong strategies. At Top Left Designs we consider your overall market positioning and look at implementation of social media strategies aligned to your business and other marketing plans.

Achieving any sort of result with social media is about understanding whether you should take a passive or active role in the social media playing field. We determine exactly at what level you should be playing and how to play the game in the right field. Social media is about establishing your credibility and we develop initiatives that enable you to achieve this integrated within the overall web framework within which your business is operating.

Social media is about more than posting to Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. It is about recognising what other platforms best suit your market and your business. It is about the style and ormat of communications you make and how they can be best delivered to these different channels.

Aspects which we work on in implementing social media with our clients include:

  • Development of a social media strategy for promotion of your business in social media
  • Identification of the most appropriate social media channels and communication styles for your business
  • Ensuring that your social media profiles are consistent with your organisations brand position
  • Alignment of all your marketing initiatives looking to gain maximum leverage of each
  • Ensuring that your marketing initiatives do not contravene terms of use for the relevant social media 
  • Implementation of appropriate measuring tools to analyse your social marketing ROI

We observe that most small and medium business' efforts in social media is largely ineffective. We give careful consideration to the nature of your business, your products and market segments. We analyse the suitablity of social marketing as well as all other digital marketing options available to you and will put together a plan that suits your business, meets your objectives and delivers real value returns.