Needs Analysis

    The beginning...

    The very first thing we do is getting to know you and what your business is about. We then take a look at what you are after by way of a web solution that is going to deliver to your needs. We do this without any presumptions on what they exactly will be just yet. Right now we are wanting to simply understand what we have to do for you.


    Our Proposed Solution

    Following on from our 'Needs Analysis' we will provide you with our proposed solution that addresses all your needs identifying the outcomes you can come to expect and how our solution will deliver to those outcomes.

    Your proposal will spell out exactly what you will be getting, how it will be delivered, in what time frame and the assumptions and expectations that are integral to the proposal.

    Of course, the financial investment expected from you will also be provided with a detailed schedule of fees separately identifying te upfront costs and any ongoing service fees involved. All are provided at a fixed cost.

    Your proposal is sent to you electronically where you can view it or download as a PDF for printing and approval all online. 


    Proposal Acceptance


    Project Kickoff

    Launching your project involves a certain amount of housekeeping and luckily for you, most of the work is on our part as we set your project up in our online systems for project management, content collection, accounting and other miscellaneous activities.

    We also explain to you how you will be able to keep abreast of project activities tracking progress and providing you with simple tools for engaging with us and in your project.

    With this aside we then launch into information gathering where we confirm what your business is all about, who your target markets are and how you see yourself servicing them. It is highly likely that you will be given a number of information gathering activities that you will need to pursue in readiness for provding us with youroverall content


    Design and Customisation

    Central to the design of your new website web will be driven by the structure of information to be shared with the world through your internet presence. A key factor that also comes into play is understanding your mark positioning and branding.

    All these factors are taken into account in designing your new website - the look and feel, how visitors will navigate to different information, what actions we will lead them to and what features and functionality will be incorporated into the design of the website. 


    We take everything gathered and develop a clear and actionable strategy, presenting the overall architecture through user cases, solutions design, wireframes, business processes and functional design concepts.



    Design Acceptance


    Basic Site Build

    After your website designs for page templates and layouts have been agreed, we will commence the build of your basic site. This first stage is about ensuring we have the overall designs correct and developed as agreed. Your site is built as a skeleton - the main pages and core features will be in place with site navigation enabled. However, content and certain functionality may not yet be provided. 

    Completion of the basic site build is a critical milestone as any further work on your site will only occur once signoff by you is given


    Review and Accept Basic Build

  • Content Creation

    Unless alternative arrangements have been made, the supply of all content is the responsibility of the client. We will assist you with understanding what content is required and how that content should be prepared and will offer guidance on how to obtain the best imagery. Arrangements can be made to provide specific copywriting services and obtaining suitable images as required.

    You will be expected to develop your content while we are building your basic site.


    Build Completion with Content

    Armed with all your content.by way of text for the pages, imagery and data to be imported into the different modules, we complete the final site build populating yrou site fully in readiness for your final review and acceptance before going live.

    Before doing so however we will complete our own QA to ensure that content has been transferred fully and correctly and that all site features work as they should.


    Final Acceptance


    Site Finalisation & GO LIVE

    Nearing the endg...

    Before the final GO LIVE on yoru site there are a number of final site configuratoins and settings we have to complete by way of site housekeeping. Most importantly, we have to set yrou Google Analytics and Search Console in place so we may monitor visistor traffic and google sarch indexing of your site.