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Of course you can, however all such change requests to include new features, design revisions, etc for your website project are very closely managed so we don't find ourselves dealing with very project manager's nightmare - project creep.

Minor changes that don't impact design, functionality or project milestones can generally be incorporated without any problem or at the very least with minimal effort.

On significant changes we will reserve the right to treat these requests as a variation to the project and as such will be subject to formal acceptance as they invariably include at least one of the following factors: pricing, delivery schedule, resources required, added risk.

In either case, all change requests will need to be put to us in writing and we will respond with all information that enables you to make a decision around acceptance of the variation and the terms under which the variation is to be delivered.

Many people ask about Adobe Business Catalyst. What is it? Why don't you use Wordpress? How many other web agencies or web developers use Business Catalyst?

Quite simply, when we commenced operations in 2008 we wanted to be able to provide a quality commercial grade product that was easily used by our clients, a CMS platform that required minimal administrative overheads by ourselves and that enabled us to deliver secure feature rich solutions from a single platform. A tall order but many years in the IT industry had taught us of what was best for us and our clients. Our own checklist reflects the reasons our clients should use BC:

  • the web development platform must be CMS based providing clients with simple content editing capabilities
  • a broad user base must exist and strong support from a stable and innovative organisation thus affording our clients access to a wide range of innovative solutions
  • the CMS platform must provide our clients with the greatest flexibility reasonably possible by way of functionality, ease of use and simple web customisation so that we could reasonably respond quickly to changing business demands at minimal cost
  • our overheads for managing support of that product were to be kept to a minimum so as to minimise support costs to the client
  • to ensure we could provide simple support infrastructure so as to again minimise overhead costs for supporting clients
  • the product must have evidence of a strong upgrade path which is imperative for us to be able to respond to the changing environment
  • the development platform should not exclude the more skilled clients from making changes to site content, structure and design should they so wish
  • we needed a solution that allowed us to make relatively comprehensive changes rapidly to clients' sites with minimal technical skills
  • a platform that delivered scalable website for business so as to accommodate the changes within the business and their market

In an effort to provide links/ names of some existing sites that have utilised with this system, (please understand they won’t all have been done personally by us but will indicate some track record and examples of other work out there) we suggest that you first check out our own Case Studies and Testimonials.

Visit Business Catalyst Showcase where you will not only find testimonials but a list of sites (international and local) all developed in the product by other resellers or Partners. There are some 3000 resellers and partners using this product around the world.

Top Left Designs was established as a separate business entity under EVOKA Pty Ltd in 2008.

Prior to establishing Top Left Designs, Greg Tomkins had operated Superb Coaching providing Business Coaching and Mentoring. He also has worked extensive experience as a senior Management Consultant and Project Manager to a number of government and private corporate entities since being in the IT industry since 1976.

We do not expect this and invariably what many perceive to be a problem with their website is merely a misinterpretation on how the website feature should be used.

If of course there are any problems, perceived or otherwise with your website, then of course your first port of call should be to contact us.

We would strongly suggest that your other choices are to refer to the Business Catalyst Help & Support site where you find all your tutorials and reference documentation.

This page provides you with access to a wide range of different support resources including

  • training material by way of online videos and printed tutorials
  • Reference guides on key aspects and features of Business Catalyst
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Discussion Forums where you can find answers to similar issues you are facing or yuo can leave details of your problem for others to answer for you.

There is no problem with working in with Australian banks as many existing Australian sites with payment gateways are in place.

The system adds further gateways as it expands into countries.

Easiest is which gateway do you want to use and I can confirm that currently have it in the list.

I also refer you to the support documentation that explains set up of payment gateways (visit
 ) as fund in our Online Help and User Guide for Business Catalyst where you will additionally find training videos and tutorials as well as support documentation such as this.

Just as when you engage an architect to design your new home, as a Web Architect we work similarly in that we incorporate the external and internal influences into the design of the finished product. In the case of your website we look at your brand and examine who your market is, how they communicate, think and feel. We consider the environment within which you operate both amongst your peers and your customers. 

We also closely examine the information that you process. What information you gather, how you gather it and what you do with it. We examine the relationship between elements of information and how these elements fit into your business processes, most particularly your online processes.

As a web and information architect, we then bring all this information together into a singly defined solution that reflect who you are, how you operate and the means by which you communicate with your stakeholders. This is the role fo a web architect - to create the environment, the context, the design of what your digital presence will be and represent.


Our normal hours of business are Mon - Fri 8:30am to 5pm.

Support with our clients is available after hours to deal with emergency and of course online technical support via email is serviced on a 24/7 basis

We provide Digital Marketing SOlutions - whatever it takes to promote your business on the internet for the purposes of generating, capturing and processing sales leads through a range of different web offerings.

We have a range of packaged website development options to suit most businesses all developed on the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS platform which is our preferred development platform. We do in limited circumstances take on custom development projects depending on the nature of the project and our own sense of assurance that we can capably deliver and continually support the product.

Refer to the Services and Solutions options on the main menu.

Top Left Designs is a Qld registered business entity owned by EVOKA Pty Ltd a registered company with ASIC.

To check out our background we strongly suggest you read our testimonials, view our various social media profiles or simply and Google search any of the following:

  • "Top Left Designs"
  • "Greg Tomkins" "gold coast"

You should first read our testimonials at our Testimonials Page and of course if you wish a referral from any one of our clients please do not hesitate to contact us direct and we will arrange for this.

Top Left Designs is owned and managed by Greg Tomkins. Greg has over 30 years in the IT industry having worked with some of Australia's leading consulting, retail, manufacturing, resource and service idnustries. He has spent many years managing large and medium scale projects as well as designing business systems and processes for organisations.

For several years Greg provided business executive and mentoring to clients in Brisbane and the Gold Coast through his other business Superb Coaching.

On a personal level Greg is involved in a number of business and charity groups giving his time freely to assist others with improving their quality of life. He is a committee member of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, a mentor with the Qld State Government's Mentoring for Growth program and is an advisory member of Lifeline Gold Coast's PR & Fundraising board.

You may view the profile of our key team members that make up Top Left Designs' web service capability here