Creating and managing your online business requires you to follow the same basic principals of any business - relying on sound Business Strategies. There are however, a few practices that differ or that just are unique to an online business. Here we share our views and experience with you to help you develop a more effective and profitable online business.

We all send out 100’s of emails from our business every week if not every day.  Each one of these emails is a touch point with your market be it direct or indirect.  How you present these communications is important to your business as they are a direct reflection of your business and your brand.

This raises an important aspect.  Do not confuse branding and selling.  Whilst there are times you will write sales letters, most of your communications will be of a more general nature.  You should not be directly “selling” in these situations however it is a terrific opportunity to reinforce your branding.

I can hear sceams of “We know this and we have professional footers in all our emails so what are you telling me?”  I should know because that is exactly what I said when the idea of how to brand my emails was first put to me.

What I hadn’t appreciated fully was the opportunity of branding every email to suit my reader or to be able to send out emails with varying branded messages to people - all automatically.

Now this caught my interest.  The clincher came in the next piece of information.  Not only could I place different branding around my email content but I could also track who clicked on each element of that branding.

Hang-on, isn’t this what I do in my newsletters and other email marketing?  Yes it is but imagine that you have that same degree of management, but now it exists around every email you send out from your usual email client application and all done transparently and under your full control.

RocketSeed is an email marketing service that bolts into your existing email system.  Quite simply it sits between your email application and your recipient and in passing through the RocketSeed service, the branding you have elected to use is attached to your email.

This new and innovative product takes email communications and marketing of your business to a whole new level and provides your sales and marketing staff with a whole set of metrics never before available.

If  you want to know  more take a look at the product overview or better still contact us and we will explain to you how it can wake for you for as little as $150 a year.

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