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As business owners with Facebook pages you are now responsible for misleading and false comments on brands' Facebook pages. This follows the Advertising Standards ruling in early August 2012 which determined that Facebook pages or an advertisement and as such fall under the rulings of all normal advertising.

ACCC has stepped in giving big end of town just 24 hours to clean up the pages bustling business owners have been given more flexibility depending on when SME became aware of misleading content.

Basically, business owners are required to take down any misleading or false comments on their Facebook pages.

ACCC Commissioner, Sarah Court, cautions businesses saying that the same consumer protection laws apply to Facebook and Twitter is applied to traditional advertising.

The clincher to all this is that these rules apply to all content, even that posted by your fans and followers. You, as a business owner, are responsible for all posts, comments and tweaks in the site is deemed as being for the purpose of trade or commerce.

This place is even greater burden and responsibilities on business owners with Facebook pages.

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