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Business Catalyst Website Conversions

Sometimes it is necessary to move your website to another web developer but the thought of having to do so and what is involved is a bit overwhelming. For some businesses, they hesitate to do so because they have already spent so much money on their current site and have been told that to move to another platform is going to be costly as it has to be rebuilt to suit the new CMS platform.

Business Catalyst Premium Partners are uniquely positioned to provide a real practical solution that is not costly and can be achieved quite effortlessly in the majority of situations with our ability to import and convert most existing websites into Business Catalyst giving you full access to all of the BC modules and features included in your new all-in-one solution website.

Most recently here on the Gold Coast a significant web agency, Graphics Online, went into liquidation with over 400 client websites hosted on their GOCMS platform. With little idea of what the future held for these clients many looked for alternative solutions. Whilst some took the interim steps of moving their sites to a new host at least allowing them to keep the website presence active, ultimately, most will need to move to a new web platform.

The solutions being offered involved rebuilding the original site as a WordPress site necessitating client's having to pay for WP themes to be built and the content to be re-entered into the new WP website. 

With our ability to import and convert these existing GOCMS websites into Business Catalyst we can have some sites up and live in under 24 hours all hosted in the cloud with Business Catalyst and with access to the BC CMS features.Running an online store? That's OK, we can also convert your GOCMS store front across to the BC eCommerce module for you also.

We have already had full success with the sites already converted and even had to admit to ourselves some degree of surprise how complete and easy the conversions actually proved to be. 

An important part of the conversion we do is to ensure that any current rankings the website had in the search engines are not lost. The process followed by the BC Conversion ensures that in the vast majority of situations, all current URLs are maintained and in those few cases where this is not feasible, appropriate redirections are set in place.

We have also found that considerable improvements were being made by way of better structured and optimised content and consequent improvements in pagespeed in a number of areas in the sites.

For the client, it was a relatively easy transfer to the new CMS platform and those who have worked with it were pleasantly surprised how easy and comprehensive Business Catalyst was. Knowing that they were no longer locked in to a single web agency for support and that the CMS platform has the security of one of the world's largest software companies behind it was also very reassuring.


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