Creating and managing your online business requires you to follow the same basic principals of any business - relying on sound Business Strategies. There are however, a few practices that differ or that just are unique to an online business. Here we share our views and experience with you to help you develop a more effective and profitable online business.

Creating Effective Landing Pages for Your Website

One of the most effective marketing techniques to your website to attract a wider target market is the use of landing pages within your website. Whilst your website will contain much information content, there are times when you want to drive traffic to specifically targeted market.

People are busy and are already suffering from information overload. Google search results quite often present results that don't specifically deliver on what people are looking for. The solution is to develop a series of landing pages that are very targeted at specific subject matter for your particular target market stop

In defining the landing page is you should create, you must work from your marketing strategy.

  • Identifying who you are wanting to target
  • what it is you want to tell them about
  • what action you want to take

It is also important to ensure that your digital marketing initiatives correlate with your other marketing activities.

In creating your landing pages you also need to decide whether they will be set up as pages within your website or whether you set each on its own unique domain name. This decision will be based on your SEO strategies and set up.

Once you have developed your landing page strategies and decided where you will be placing and how you will set up your landing pages, there are seven simple rules to follow four defining the content of your landing pages.

  1. You must have a clear and powerful call to action (CTA) know what you want visitors to do and make CTA of this, powerful and simple to use.
  2. Align your online content to off page commitments be sure that your online content directly correlates with other marketing material and business processes in place.
  3. Simplify design and minimise text your visitors are busy and they know what they are looking for. Give them the information they need a clear and concise format.
  4. Use images mind fully whilst an image can say 1000 words be sure it says the right words. Only use images that directly support what you are saying and the actions you want visitors to take.
  5. Validate your brand landing pages should be promoting your brand and a to substantiate the claims you make within your content.
  6. Social media sharing and validation end users to share your page and be sure to show that you are engaging with your social followers.
  7. Test and test again there is no right solution that guarantees results. You need to review the results and be prepared to modify and test your content and design on a regular basis.

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