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Defining a Colour Theme for Your Marketing

Ever wondered what colours he should use in your marketing material? Ever seen a website or a brochure that has left you reaching for your dark glasses because of the terrible colour combinations?

Getting the right colour theme together is a science as much as it is emotional. We all know that different colours convey different messages to the receiver invoking different feelings.

Whilst we may not all have a project that justifies the engagement of a fully-fledged graphic designer it would be terrific to get a bit of a hand.

Well there is something that can help. Now I'm not saying this. Those badly colour examples altogether but the incidence of such psychologically damaging designs may be reduced stop

In defining your colour theme all you have to do is to firstly identify the colour you want to use as your primary or dominant colour. There are two tools I'm going to suggest to help you out here.

The first is a Firefox add-on called COLORZILLA. This neat tool allows you to select any point of your browser screen and it will tell you exactly what colour was used. Bingo, you now know what that colour as it is so much light.

The second are in fact 2 websites that I find very handy. The first is a very simple and straight forward tool at – simply select your primary colour and then choose the type of colour scheme you want to use. The second site is very similar but a bit more comprehensive at Choose the tab ‘RGB Browser’ and from here into the HEX code of the colour of your choice or the one you selected with COLORZILLA. You will then see a number of colour theme choices available to under the section ‘Color Harmonies’. The different colour themes have been scientifically worked out for you showing exactly what different colours you should use with your primary colour will stop you will even notice how the website itself re-skinned six colours to match those within the colour theme you selected providing you with an example of how well they worked together.

For those of you with a bit more knowledge of CSS, COLORZILLA also has a wonderful option to analyse all the elements in your web page and report on all the colour settings applied through the CSS. This can be very useful in adjusting colour themes to your website.

At the end of the day however, good design relies on many different factors that will be best served through qualified professionals. The value of a good graphic designer is money well spent but with tools and templates that are readily available, you now can get a better idea of what you need to provide to your graphic designer to get you started.

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