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Sometimes Those Testimonials Can Bite You on the Proverbial

Recently I was looking through a website of a very well-known consulting/coaching firm here in Australia and I just happen to play the top video testimonial.

The text overview proudly talked of how they had taken the client in the men's clothing industry from a monthly loss of $30,000 to making $32,000 per month in just five months. On the surface a cursory read sounds fantastic right?

Well with a little digging and some searching on Google I soon came to realise that this business no longer existed.  Obviously, the turnaround we were told they may not enough.

So what is the lesson here?  Well, quite obviously making sure that your testimonials are current is my first suggestion.If not, you may find, as in this case, that the testimonial is sending out completely wrong message.

Many people tend to sensationalise their achievements with their testimonials which can also be a trap. Don't find yourself set up overselling your services and under delivering results.

In the particular testimonial I looked at, I felt that this was very much the case is not only did this poor guy have 30,000 loss per month that he had been operating with no profit the previous 19 months stop this business was set up to fail in my experience and as such the testimonial was not doing the success coaching business any real favours.

The use of testimonials can be a very powerful tool in establishing your credibility, however you must be careful to ensure that they come across as being genuine, they indeed send the right message and finally, that they are current and most importantly, relevant to your target audience.

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