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When Near Enough Is Good Enough

The other day I caught the tail end of a current affair article about buying decisions people make in retail. This got me thinking about the same processes in business and how I myself go through these very same processes.

In these days of information overload where consumers have so much information and data at hand, they seem to be driven by a propensity to get the absolute best price or deal or to ensure that the product they buy is the model that has the most features and tricks available.

What the TV article was alluding to was that we have appear to have lost the ability to accept that sometimes "near enough is good enough" can be the best decision with quite often such a pragmatic approach being the most successful. I have seen so often in many projects too many resources being thrown at coming up the perfect solution right from the beginning. In reality what quite often occurred was that after all the time and energy put into defining, finding and implementing the perfect solution they had overlooked changes that had occurred in the meantime. By the time our perfect solution was implemented we still had to make changes because of circumstances that had arisen since we started.

Implementing your new website is not so different. Our experience has shown that no matter how much time we spend with clients perfectly defining the look, feel and content, by the time the site was implemented and people see it they have a long list of changes they want to make. Our advice is get the call platform, structure and content defined and put that in place. Once this is implemented, what you have and make changes and additions as required then.

The other point when they is that you don't try and build the "all singing, all dancing" website from scratch. For many small and medium businesses, a staged development plan serves its purpose far better than rolling out your site with the Big Bang approach of rolling everything into that initial launch. Planning your website is a big job to most involving many different people. The impact on your customers and staff may be significant to don't overlook the philosophy that "near enough is good enough" can be workable stop we do advise that you should enhance each solution to improve on the level of "nearness". After all you don't want to be finding yourself as the one who said "list by that much".

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