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Zoho can work for your business

Zoho CRM plus all Zoho One - your choice.

Zoho is a comprehensive collection of modules each designed to work tightly with the other modules in each designed to focus on a key aspect of your business.

Whilst you can purchase a license for any individual module, Zoho released a packaged option.Zoho CRM plus that brings together the key core components as a single package.In 2017, Zoho One was released as an alternative package with the more modules and a different pricing structure.Both are equally suitable to business depending on your needs and the size of your business.One package might be more suitable than the other might.

The modules offered in each of these packages do differ in each is quite comprehensive, although Zoho One does offer the widest range of modules (being more than 40 at the present).

An all-in-one solution for business

Zoho One provides businesses with all the applications they need to acquire and serve customers (marketing, sales and support apps); run operations (finance, recruiting and related HR apps); and provide all the tools for its employees to work collaboratively and get their work done (office suite, mail, personal productivity, and collaboration apps). They can even build custom apps for unique business needs and put them under the same umbrella—creating a single operating system for the entire business.

Sridhar Vembu, founder of Zoho, says that Zoho One, which offers 38 Zoho apps at Rs 1,000 per employee per month, provides businesses with all the apps they need to acquire and serve customers, run operations and provide tools for employees to work collaboratively.

With 40 applications, complementary mobile apps along with several browser extensions and extras, Zoho One offers the broadest suite of business applications in the market along with an administrative control panel for centralised administration and provisioning.

Unmatched Integration: The company can integrate easily with third-party apps to ensure smooth running of the business as Zoho One offers hundreds of integration points across its applications. These integrations connect sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, human resources and other activities, while also fostering communication and collaboration among colleagues, customers and vendors.

Zoho One applications also integrate with hundreds of leading third-party software applications, preserving customer choice and flexibility. It breaks the traditional approach to integration, involving large budgets and armies of expensive IT consultants to integrate application silos from multiple vendors to set up IT.

“This is what de-rationing of IT is all about. It is easy to use and access, and not for the privilege of large companies with deep pockets,” Sridhar says.

Centralised Administrative Control: Zoho One offers one secure account and single sign-on access to the entire suite. A single admin panel enables and controls access, greatly simplifying provisioning, access and audit. Users are provisioned, groups created and shared across apps, applications enabled or disabled—all from a single place. Policies may be defined company-wide, like enforcing two-factor authentication for all employees to ensure secure access. Control can be centrally enforced or delegated through service admins for individual departments and groups.

Disruptive Pricing Model: This operating system dispenses with traditional vendor pricing strategies—like upgrades, add-ons, multi-year contracts and usage restrictions—designed to chain the customer to the vendor and make real pricing opaque.

Zoho One includes enterprise-level editions of all Zoho business applications, along with mobile, native apps and extensions. This system does not tie the business owner into multi-year contractual requirements.

Sridhar feels that with the complexity of running multiple applications taken out of their way, customers can focus on their core business.

We advise that choosing which packaged purchase is not as simple as looking at the list of modules provide.You need to consider carefully your current and future business needs and the processes that exist within your organisation and how they are aligned to your business structure.

Top left designs are an Accredited Zoho Partner and can assist you in your planning and implementation of a solution to your business.If you are at all interested to know more, feel free to contact us for an initial discussion and we can advise you on how you go about choosing the right CRM solution for your business.

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