Digital Strategy & Planning

No matter where you want to go - you will need a plan

Each business is unique in what it wants to achieve, how it wishes to portray itself and how it intends to accomplish its goals. Planning for the sale of planning achieves little. Implementing the right plan for your digital needs is imperative and the best results will only be delivered if you firstly define your strategies. Strategy provides you with direction, boundaries and a vision. Identifying the best strategies is something that we at Top Left Designs work hard at through inclusive discussions with our clients understanding their business, operations and objectives.



Specialising in creating a unique strategy for your business. We collaborate with brands, and ask all the questions needed to craft something remarkable. This framework will assist in persuading consumers and achieving your goals.


Analysis transforms data and information into insights. Reporting translates raw data into information.

Brand Architecture

How we determine the underlying framework for the brand and how each component are connected.

Brand Management

How is your brand perceived in the current market? We analyse and supervise to make sure your on brand, all the time.

Brand Positioning

Designing a personality for your brand is our forte. With the right positioning strategy, consumers will be left with an everlasting impression, allowing them to engage with your company on a more personal, emotional level.

Design Strategy

Design is not only visual communication but the result of creative problem-solving. We’ll help create a plan that is efficient, structured, and functional.

Lead Generation

Spread the word. Lead generation is employed to create interest and inquiry into your business.

Employing the right strategy is make or break for any business. We can help you build your blueprint to ensure you reach your desired outcome.
Sales Promotion
Sales promotions are a designed set of marketing activities undertaken to boost sales of your product or service.
SEO Strategy
The methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website through higher placed rankings in any given search engine.
Social Media
A strong social media strategy pushes boundaries. Every post, every tactic, and every campaign will be designed to build the right audience and drive larger business goals.
Trends & Forecasts
Using advanced analytics we can project future growth, characteristics and trends in your target market.

Developing your Strategy

With each client we initially identify the key areas of attention looking not only inward with the customer business but also considering the customer's perspective. Strategy is driven by the "End Goal" or as we put it, starting out with the end in mind. In working with our clients we put their business objectives in the correct context whether it is about branding, reputation, communication, customer engagement or marketing. Simplicity in approach and consistency in what we deliver is paramount in ensuring that the solutions delivered all work towards that end goal in a common manner.

Why Use Top Left Designs

Whilst technology is merely the tool that drives yoru strategy and may continually change, by taking a strong strategic approach to our client engagements, we can be sure that the context of what we deliver does not fluctuate and thus provides a clearer pathway to achieving our client's objectives.

Our team have held senior management positions in a wide range of businesses and are well versed in the process of strategic thinking and planning. We are driven by a strong desire to achieve the best we can with our clients and ensure that we keep ourselves informed of developments and trends isolating what is trendy from that which is important to maintaining effective business strategies channeling our passion for what we do coupled with our expereince capturing the essence of your ideas investing the necessary resources to transform them into a meaningful solution for your business