Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

Best Guidelines for Writing Your Social Media Bio

One of the cheapest and quite often easiest websites you can build for your business is your business pages in the various social media channels. Now you must understand that this is different to your personal social media profiles which, in certain circumstances, may be the one and the same. If you do choose to run a personal profile on social media for your business however, be careful to maintain a business perspective and we suggest that you keep a separate profile in each channel for your personal activities

There are several different elements that make up your social media presence but one of the most important is your Bio - this for once, is all about you — well maybe only in the very first instance, but as ever in marketing, it still focuses back on your market so it really is all ABOUT THEM. Your social media Bio might seem relatively unimportant to some however investing the time to produce a good Bio is well worth your while. In framing up your Bio it is important to understand that your target market may vary between the different social media channels you choose and also understand that each media channel have different guidelines around how you present and what you can put into your Bio.

The chart to the left provides a simple guide to the size of your Bios in each of the social media channels and what you should be looking to include when building your Bio. But what about the actual content itself that makes up your Bio? This seems to be an aspect that many people struggle with constantly. It really all starts out with an elevator speech - conveying in a concise manner just what your business is about in terms of the value it provides to your market. Central to this is clearly defining your value proposition and do so in a way that set you apart from your competitors. You want to create the perspective with your audience that what you have to offer is not only of value to them but also unique thus creating a sense of urgency in your market and a sense of importance in what you have to offer as they can't get this anywhere else, thus further substantiating your value. One of the key points to understand is that you might very well be finding a different target market group in each of the social media channels. Those you touch on say Facebook will be quite different to say those you touch through your Linkedin profile. Identifying the persona of these different audiences is important in framing up you Bio - not only in what you say but also in how you say it and of course each channel offers greater latitude in how much you say by virtue of the different amount of content you are allowed to place in your Bio.

Tips on How to Maximise The Value of Your Social Media Bio

  1. Communicate your value proposition. The purpose of your UVP is to have your market engage with you – engagement with others is a key social media metric. Your bio should tell them what your company does and what value you provide to your market.
  2. SEO does matter. Many of the search engines are using social media bios in their algorithms to some degree. Be sure to write your bios leveraging your key words but at the same time focus on giving people a compelling reason to engage.
  3. Use Call To Actions. Place a strong call to action to your bio but DON'T sell! Give your audience reason to take up an offer of some kind etc.
  4. Include Links and Consider Landing Pages. you must include a link in your bios to at least your website home page but even better still - consider sending them to a landing page with targeted messaging instead.
  5. Be Visual. The visual richness of social media has increased dramatically—from the massive hero image on Google+ to the new twitter profile pages.
  6. Don't Waste Your Real Estate. You need to have every word in your bio working for you. Common mistakes include informing visitors that they’ve reached “The Official channel of [company name]” spark little interest and offer little incentive to read further

A nifty tool I came across to help you pull all of the above together and to also help you examine what your competitors are doing with their own social media profiles can be found in a quick Google doc Social Media Competitive Landscape Template that you can use to build out this information. Building it out one time is doable even if it may seem to be a a pain, however it will help you get a very clear picture of what you are really doing.

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