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Engaging With Your Visitors Using Disqus

A the owner of an online business, engaging with your audience is nothing new and there is no shortage of choices available to you with the array of digital media channels including social media, outbound marketing, forums, blogs, promoted advertising and of course your own website. If we pay particular attention to your blog, the most common approach by many for seeking some form of social engagement articles or web content is through the use of social media sharing where you leave comments on your Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever social profile. An alternative which I would like to discuss is using a product called Disqus.

Whilst the social platforms serve their purpose as a social tool, professionals and other business people are not always so willing to mix social and business. They also require you to login or be currently logged in which is not always the desired position of many business people. In fact, many organisations now block via firewalls, access to many of the social platforms within their organisations.

There are some platforms, such as LinkedIn, that are a business orientated social platform and as such are the preferred channel for many business people to engage with their audience.

Further to this, the trouble that some business people have with many social media platforms is that they are, by nature, social and do result in your sharing all sorts of information about yourself which not everyone is completely comfortable with.

What we have found is that there is an overarching need for people to simply engage through feedback they choose to post and the opportunity to even do so without revealing their Identity publicly.

For website owners, there is also a desire to have better management over the comments being left against their content. For some, the ability to manage that feedback across a number of different locations is also a critical Factor.

The most significant driver for the use of a tool such as Disqus is the simple fact that the comments made by people are there on your page with your content as opposed to be located on the social media platform. They are right we are visitors want to see them and, more importantly for you as website owner or content marketer, they are placing new fresh and relevant content on your site for you.

Our own experiences have shown that engaging with others at the source appears to produce a higher degree of interaction and better quality of the results. It provides your visitors not only the opportunity to read your article but also to read the comments of others. This provides greater interest to your audience and induces them to encourage and engage in the conversation themselves.

The inherent value of Disqus as a tool for engaging with your customers is:

  • it is simple to set up an install within your website
  • Site owners and content managers can manage the comments left at whatever level of moderation they choose
  • Visitors don't need to have a Disqus account as they can log in to leave comments through their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts if they wish
  • Comments posted are within Disqus and are not posted to other social media platforms unless you specifically select this option
  • Users can leave comments as a guest so as to not reveal their identity publicly even after logging in
  • Sharing on social media platform is an option available after posting your response

There is of course a recognised benefit to improving your website SEO results as not only ae you providing fresh and relevant content for your site yourself, but by inviting and engaging your audience you will undoubtedly improve your chances for gaining higher rankings in the search engines.

If you would like to know more about our content marketing services and how we can develop strategies and initiatives to improve your own website we encourage you to review our Content Marketing services or contact us to discuss your needs and we can explain the options available to you.

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