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How to Create Great Content for your Blogs

Delivering fresh and relevant content to your website is critical to your ability to not only attract a strong and keen following but to also obtain high rankings in the search engines. This does however present an ongoing problem for many website owners as they struggle with trying to understand how to write good content.

We have always said that whilst you may feel you need to be an accomplished author or an expert on a range of subject matters, the reality is that it is not as hard as you think. Ricky Gervais is a well recognised comedian and writer - the man behind the successful series ""The Office" - here he explains in a very casual manner how he discovered the secret to finding your own natural writing style.

Too many of us are obsessed with needing to be an expert or thinking we need to write material that would get us an A grading at university.

This is not the case at all. Writing is simple - so long as you use good grammar and spell check everything. Write about what you know. The other important thing I have fund is that to also never assume that you know it all so be humble in what you write, be polite and always look for opportunities to learn more as these new learnings can be the subject of new content in itself.

The other thing I suggest which did come out in Ricky's message but was not specifically pointed out and that was write a story. Describe the experience, talk about the feelings tapping into your reader's senses. There is no better way to maintain someone's interest than when you have them "feel" what you ae talking about. Ricky briefly mentioned in the story about his mother describing the smell when he walked into the old lady's house. He referred to the actual smells to create the sense of filth and "oldness".

So maybe you can't always do this but in your own articles create a story, build the picture drawing on all the reader's senses.

My last advice is, practice and when you have finished practising, practice more and don't give up. Writing is an acquired skill but not beyond the talents of many. Also - read carefully those articles that grabbed your own attention looking at the style of those articles.

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