Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

Instagram as a marketing tool

There is no doubt that Instagram is a small that it powerful force in local business allowing them to boast to a wide range of active users with the option of converting them far better than many other social media platforms.This will of course depend on the nature of your business, your products and how visibly attractive it is to market than through such a site.

There are 6 ways in which you can consider how to harness the power of Instagram to boost your brand.

  1. Have a strategy
    I cannot reiterate enough time is how important it is to work from strategy.Posting to Instagram is no different.It does not have to be complex and quite often simplicity is the secret of success.What you need to consider is who you want to communicate with, the message that you're trying to convey and how and when you need to engage through Instagram.It is also important to understand clearly that as an image-based platform it is necessary for you to post interesting and engaging images relating to your business brand.
  2. Use a calendar to define when you post your content
    This is essential to ongoing success when posting content to social media platforms.Not only will it that should become more organised people assist you in the planning the types of content that you are going to post to the different social media platforms and as each relates to what you post on Instagram.It is important to remember that your content is to align with a consistent theme and most importantly with your business brand.Your content should engage, inspire, educate or entertain your followers.
  3. Invest in a scheduling app
    To alleviate the frustration and demands of regularly posting to Instagram.We recommend that you find a suitable scheduling app that will automate the process for you as much is possible.These Apps should allow you to post your content ahead and schedule it all when it is going to be most effective.Remember that 75% of your posts should add value to your audience and approximately 25% can be sales focused.
  4. Set aside time to engage with your followers
    The level of engagement that you have with your followers directly impacts success of your content marketing.Some suggest that setting aside 5 min per day is all you need, we would however suggest that you need to allow much more than this particularly where you have hundreds or thousands of followers as 5 min is not going to allow much engagement at all. It is important, however, that you actually scheduled time each day to work on interaction with your followers.
  5. Measure your performance results
    Instagram offers business analytics that lets you understand how successful your posts are on the level of engagement you have with your followers.Further to this you can identify at times of days in the days or weeks that produce the best results.These analytics help you identify any weaknesses in yours content marketing strategy.
  6. Have multiple destination addresses
    One of the shortcomings of Instagram is that by default it only allows you to link to one single website.In the real world you will quite often want to link followers to different sections of your website or in fact other websites you control.Products such as Linktree provide facilities that will allow your followers to choose different destination locations.Such products enhance the experience for your Instagram followers. 

Whilst there are many scheduling app is for social media content marketing such as Hootsuite, we draw your attention to Zoho Social which, if you already have a Zoho One licence, are free to use and provide you with a comprehensive set of tools or posting, scheduling and analysing your Instagram content marketing and engagement. 

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