Here we discuss the various aspects of Internet Marketing as it applies to the design of web sites, what it is, why you should be actively engaged in it and some tips on how you might be able to go about developing and implementing your own internet marketing strategy when designing your website.

It might be that content is King but will this be enough to save you

As has been at war cry for a considerably long time now "Content is King" but really, will pushing out a steady stream of content onto the web achieve better results for ranking your website and capturing new customer leads?

If many of our SEO experts are to be believed, then yes, content marketing is the salvation to all our problems.  Within reason and with certain caveats, I agree, content marketing is very important and in most cases imperative for certain businesses. Delivering content is a must however, and I say this most earnestly, let's be realistic: We have long suffered from issues of the information overload and disinformation being thrust in our faces via the Internet. 

Is a massive push to publish even more by every website owner going to help anyone’s cause?  I suggest not. Not a single core strategy anyhow.

If you have a local business that has a customer base largely say within 75 Kms of your business, is there really any value in trying to publish content to an audience the other side of the country or indeed, the world?

The purpose of content marketing, indeed any form of marketing you do to promote your website, is to attract the attention of the either;

a)      new potential customers

b)      current and past customers

Gaining the attention of your market has never been easy and with more businesses investing in SEO and digital marketing the ability to achieve positive results is getting more difficult and the pathway to success more complex with your market also becoming far more competitive in the digital space.

It is my belief that a strategy largely driven by content marketing alone and more particularly, one that focuses predominantly on placing content in your own website will just not be enough. This however, is what many digital marketers are pushing to their clients.

In my view, content marketing is the method of choice currently in vogue, just as backlinking was not that long ago.

Businesses need to be ahead of the game with digital marketing. I would suggest that more than ever, digital marketers need to be more strategic, they need to be smarter at what they do and to keep on top of initiatives that enable them to more effectively target the client’s keys market sectors in the most efficient manner. This is by no means a simple feat but there certainly are some practices gaining prominence and more importantly, solid results.

The situation has certain parallels to the problems faced when print media was our only choice of poison. There were only so many newspapers and magazines in the market and there were only so many pages in which you could place your Ad.

Gaining prominence in print advertising then was also faced with challenges much as we face now – prominence amongst so much competition.

At the end of the day humans have a limit on how much information that can truly process before what they hear and see becomes a irrelevant or unnoticed.

The challenge for digital marketing agencies is how to make what their clients have to say relevant.

Of course the dilemma is that as each marketing trend gains solid following you need to find new ways to keep ahead of your competition.

In view of many websites not adhering to even the basic fundamentals of good marketing, there is considerable scope for these sites to improve on their results with some good marketing being applied.

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